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Desperate, I will crawl;

Waiting for so long;

No love!

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Since there’s no more you and me (No more you and me);

It’s time I let you go so I can be free.

And live my life how it should be;

No matter how hard it is;

I’ll be fine without you;

Yes I will.

It’ll all get better in time.

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The closed door.

Once awhile ago, there was a man and a woman whom shared many deep emotions with one another.  I cannot exactly tell the mans side of the story but the woman had felt a lot of love for this man, and was always longing for his touch.  Since he was not in reach, she tried to keep as close as she could to him through communication.

She would contact him every single day, and never fail to express how much love she had felt for him.  They had their ups and downs, their ins and outs, and their difficulties mainly because of the distance between them.  They eventually broke up for the first time because she found out that he had done her wrong.  She was devastated, and had felt like everything she had put her energy towards within that whole year was a lie.  She felt very betrayed and deceived, she felt like such a fool.

However, the man was doing fine without her.  He had already replaced her within the next couple of days, and when she had found out, her wound had just felt deeper.  The woman tried to make the best of the outcome by focusing on her faith and getting things right with the one that she put aside whom truly loves her.  She went to church, prayed, and she had felt brand new at that time.

One day she decided to tell the man that she was sorry for everything that they had been through.  That only sparked the relationship once again because the love she had felt for him could not be controlled nor held back.  This time, it was all up to him to make things work.  She struggled greatly between many things, even to keep a phone in service.  He still didn’t seem to care.

She was already taken by somebody else though…  The man whom she had been communicating with even reminded her that what she had been doing was wrong and that she should stop.  Told her not to contact him ever again and that he would even change his number to prevent her from doing so.  She had a long time to ponder on this, as he was her only friend that she would communicate with as she ignored all of the ones that were chasing her.  After many sad thoughts, many cried tears, and many sleepless nights spent gazing at the walls and ceiling in deep thought, she finally knew.  She knew that it was time to cut the strings to her heart, whether if it changed her or not.  She didn’t want to become heartless, but she knew she had to once and for all let go of this person because it was always going to be like that and nothing would ever change.  She couldn’t keep putting herself through this, it hurt her greatly and caused many depressing thoughts within her…

So that’s exactly what she done. 

Finally, she had realized that sometimes others don’t love you back as much as you love them.  Unfortunately those are the ones whom we may seem to love the most and want the most.  She had finally cut the strings that held her heart in place of him and let go of it all.  She knew then that he would not and could not prove his love to her.  She already had somebody that truly loved her and showed her everyday, and she could finally see that again and eventually begin to slowly heal.

Now she is still trying to erase all of the hopes, dreams, and looking-fowards that she had with him.  She is keeping hope that one day she will be able to finally forget the whole situation.  After all it has brought her much pain, sadness, regret, and false hope.  She just can’t do it anymore, but she can at least say that she tried.

God bless.

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Bachata dancing is so sensual and romantic.  <3  Loves!  ;)

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True Southern Gentleman. <3

What girl doesn’t love her a true southern gentleman!?


He’s a true southern gentleman, as good as they come.
I know with all of my heart and soul that I’m his only one.

He’s a true southern gentleman, so sweet at heart.
I can’t imagine us ever being apart.

He’s a true southern gentleman, with so much love.
Together forever, we will always rise above.

I will forever love you.

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I love to listen and dance to bachata music!

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I’ve been sittin’ here;
Tryin’ to find myself;
I get behind myself;
I need to rewind myself…

And when your walls come tumbling down;
I will always be around.

Old favorite.  <3

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This song makes me really miss the old times I had at Skateland!!  Every Thursday and Saturday nights, while I also went to a few all-night skates which were also fun but tiring..especially when 7a.m. rolls around..and half of the place is passed out, haha!  I love love love to roller skate!!  I can even groove it on a pair of skates!!  Front, back, sideways, spins, I love doing it all on some skates!  Oh yes!  I own two pairs of skates that I can still wear.  Roller skating is definitely in my near future!!  Whoo!  The feeling of the air breeze by me while picking up speed and lapping everyone while dancing the whole time… The feeling it gives me, oh I miss it so much!  There are not many things quite like it!  I seriously could go skating every weekend just like old times, no matter how old I am!  Not only is it great exercise (though it is way too much fun to be called exercise, haha!) but it is also amazingly fun and to me stress relieving!  I love it and miss it so much!!  :)  I wish I could build my own skating rink/park!  It’s been awhile, but just like dancing, skating is one of my true hobbies.  When I’m moving around and having fun, lost in the music…I’m feeling amazingly awesome!  <3

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